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As a band, brand, artist, or just human with ideas,
Keith from Merch on Demand is here to take your idea from concept to tangible, profitable reality.

With experience in handling large-scale and bespoke orders alike, we’ve got a team that can lead you from graphic design to sourcing products and pricing, to high-quality printing, and eventually facilitating sales  - online and in person.

MoD also does on-demand printing, so you never have to handle inventory.

You’re not choosing a merch guy.
You’re choosing THE merch guy.
He’s got the armbands to prove it.

Live Printing at Railways in Centurion

Specializing in large-scale, limited run and once-off, on-demand orders,

Keith will put pretty much any graphic onto (almost) anything you want.

Ranging from embroidery to serigraphy,

Merch On Demand can take your concept from ideation to design,

to final product, distributed to your adoring fans.

Or your mother.

We know she’ll buy your hoodie if it’s cool enough.

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