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The Process:
This is not your tannie’s cross stitch.

Our approach to embroidery is functional, quick and digitally accurate.

If you think about it, we’re making your art by training a machine to stab your chosen garment thousands of times.


That’s badass. Here’s how the embroidery process works:

- You send us the pattern you want to embroider and we adjust the design to make that possible - not everything is embroiderable but we’re committed to finding a solution you love.
- We upload that adjusted image to our system. It’s like, Terminator smart.
- We work together to choose your size and placement on the garment or accessory of your choice.
- We choose your stitc
h type and direction. You really don’t care about this technicality, so we’re not going to explain it.
- We chuck your thread colours onto the machine (we have a WHOLE bunch to pick from) and get that bad boy prepped to get stitching.
- We make a sample first - just so we don’t cost you unnecessary money.
- Your garments go through the embroidery process.
- Your stuff = the kiffest.

The benefits of embroidery:

- Every garment is identical. Exactly the same. Twins. This is ideal if you’re selling online.
- These machines are pretty smart so they don’t mess up. You won’t get errors on your products.
- Once the setup is established, this is pretty quick for a really durable, long-lasting set of branded products.
- The only real material costs here are your garment and your thread, so this can be a really pocket-friendly way to make your mark.
- You can get wild with designs. There are a few limitations but mostly, you can embroider almost anything you want.
- You can embroider loads of stuff. LOADS. OUr team will help you figure out how obscure you can go. 

- It’s affordable for a small run. You can get a few - or even once-off - embroidered items without incurring hectic setup costs.

What can you embroider on? 

The best type of fabrics to embroider on are natural fabrics with a tight weave, like cotton, linen, silk and wool - which we can supply for you. If you’ve got a really delicate fabric, it’s still possible, but we’ll need to apply a backing.

When it comes to WHAT you’re embroidering on - if it’s a viable fabric, it’s fair game!

We’re talking:
- Garments, like shirts, hoodies, crops, sweats and more.
- Hats, ranging from beanies to buckets to trendy 5-panels
- Bags, from totes to backpacks
- Branded homeware, like tablecloths and napkins
- Flags.
- Home decor.
- Your old high school blazer, to pretend you were a prefect.

How do I get started?
Just pop us a message.

We’ll have you in stitches in no time. 

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