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What’s cooler than getting a sushi platter? When the sushi dude makes it in front of you, obviously. Now imagine that, but with merch.

The Merch on Demand team offers live printing services at your venue, during your event. We let your guests choose their artwork, their garment and their colour variation, and they’ll get to watch their merch being printed by us. Yeah - right there and then.


This gives your consumers the luxury of choice AND the convenience of immediate merch offerings. It’s also likely to push sales because it’s fun to participate in and… we mean… Have you seen our team? A bunch of stunners. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to chat for a few minutes?

All we need from YOU is a space, some set-up time, and a little bit of gees. We’ll bring the most unique branding opportunity you’ve ever seen. And our fine selves, too.

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