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Fact: Knowing how to play a bass guitar doesn’t mean you know how to throw a show.

You need crowd management, scheduling, cash flow, door and merch work, promotion and stray bandmate wrangling skills too.


Fact #2

The Merch on Demand is filled with people who have those skills, and decades of experience streamlining the gig process while bands rip in the background.

Concert Crowd

Fact #3

We can do this for you. We’ll provide you with booking, management, door, marketing and everything-in-between services if you ask us nicely. Or rudely.

We’ll pitch up anyway. 

Level up your gig...

Whether you’re an act touring SA, or a local band looking to make a greater impact in your space, we’re ready to step in and take care of the small stuff so you can focus on what matters; making that music.

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