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You don’t need to keep a box full of musty t-shirts in your garage, hoping to sell them 3 years after release. You’re free from the dread box now. Our services include hosting your designs on our site to print on demand for anyone who wants them. Why is this so lekker?


  • You can add new designs to our site to hype up new releases, all we need is a design. 

  • You don’t have to pay for and hang onto bulk inventory, meaning you won't lose money. 

  • We’ll promote your items for you as part of the offering. Our advertising channels are active and engaging. 

  • We’ll sort out payment and logistics. This means we collect the cash and organise your merch delivery. You just get to sit there and feel cool. 

  • You’re in great company with our already stocked store of artists, designers and tattoo artists. 

  • You don’t have to get your girlfriend to reluctantly man a merch table all night instead of having a nice time. Just give fans a link to your MoD store. 

  • You get to say your gear is hosted on Merch on Demand! 

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Who We Host

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